How make Chilly Brew Freakshake ?

Let’s go insane! Let’s go insane! This week is a pleasure when you’re searching for a espresso that is crazy.

Each little factor you need:

  • Focus: 80 ml Paulig Chilly Brew.
  • 1 plum.
  • 2 handfuls of fruit or completely different berries
  • 80 ml of milk for oat or cocoon
  • Vanilla Sirup 10-20 ml
  • Cubic ice
  • Adorning: chocolate sauce, cream sausage, cookies and crackers, popcorn caramel, chocolate, nuts.


In a blender, add all parts and mix until clear. Add chocolate and glass to the glass containing the freakshake. Beautify with cream, biscuits, crackers, popcorn caramel, chocolate, nut and go some insane!

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