In reminiscence of a brief man who nonetheless walks tall, 74 years after his assassination

Anyplace on this planet that Indians journey to, the largest identifier of the nation stays a person assassinated seventy-four years in the past. A brief man, who didn’t maintain any submit however held sway over thousands and thousands in his pursuit of non-violence.

He was not awarded a Nobel Prize, nor was he the Prime Minister of the newly impartial nation. When the terrorist Nathuram Godse pumped bullets into the saint, he could have rendered the physique useless, however Gandhi’s soul lives on, in his teachings, amongst his followers unfold the world over, with quotes needing to bow earlier than his statue wherever they go.

It has been mentioned typically that no person deserves the Nobel Peace Prize greater than Mohandas Gandhi. He was nominated a complete of 5 occasions — in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947, and in 1948, however the prize went to another person every time. The Norwegian physique mentioned that it was thought of awarding him the prize posthumously, however this was one thing it had by no means accomplished earlier than, and due to this fact the concept was flirted with and dropped. Within the yr the world misplaced the Mahatma, no Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for “lack of any appropriate dwelling candidate”.

Mahatma Gandhi by no means wanted the Nobel, or another epithet. In 1989, when the prize was awarded to the Dalai Lama, the committee mentioned it was “partially to the reminiscence of Mahatma Gandhi”. It’s heartening to notice that within the following a long time after Gandhi’s assassination, identified proponents of Gandhian values ​​have been honored with the coveted prize – Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama amongst them.

In his memoir, A Promised Land, the previous US President Barack Obama says that his main purpose for visiting India was that it was a pilgrimage to the nation the place Gandhi’s beliefs lived. He says he had studied the Mahatma’s writings and “discovered him giving voice to a few of my deepest instincts.

His notion of satyagraha, and the ability of nonviolent resistance to stir the conscience, his insistence on our frequent humanity and the important oneness of all religions, and his perception in each society’s obligation to acknowledge the equal value and dignity of all folks.” Obama goes on to say that Gandhi’s efforts to rid India of its colonial masters had “set off an ethical cost that pulsed by the globe.”

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