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Seeking to broaden your espresso horizons? These eight signature drinks provide a style of specialty espresso tradition throughout the globe.

Cuban espresso

Photograph by Lisa Krantz

Within the city of Sagua La Grande, Cuba, the place Katy Ugalde spent her childhood, espresso is served in any respect hours of the day and to all family members – she recollects her grandfather sips from his cup when she was only a woman. Its historical past spans generations earlier than, in fact: The espresso business sprouted on the island within the late 1790s, fueled by an inflow of French farmers fleeing the Haitian Revolution. Right this moment, the nice and cozy beverage is obtainable to visitors who pop by for a go to – a significant token of hospitality when there’s not a lot else to provide, she says. Ugalde, who now owns Sagua La Grande Cuban Cafe in Columbia, Missouri, along with her husband, Greg Butler, says it is the beans that make for the distinct, sturdy taste of Cuban espresso. Grown excessive within the mountains of the island, the espresso cherries are normally picked by hand earlier than being dried, roasted after which finely floor. Ugalde makes use of a moka pot to brew espresso to order at her restaurant, making one flavorful, espresso-strength cup at a time. Though it is candy served with brown sugar, whipped till a skinny foam varieties atop the darkish sea of ​​caffeine, Ugalde leaves the sweetening usually as much as her clients, who drink it un or with a packet of white sugar -JVM

Sagua La Grande Cuban Cafe, 114 S. Ninth St., #101, Columbia, Missouri, 573.818.1766,

Mexican espresso: Café de Olla

Mexican coffee: Café de Olla

Zach Bauman

Equal components lovely and flavorful, Café de Olla is a Mexican espresso drink stated to have been created by the Adelitas, the ladies warriors of the Mexican Revolution. The beverage is brewed in an olla de barro (clay pot), and an added concoction of piloncillo, cinnamon and varied spices permeate the brew, giving it a distinctly candy and woody taste. Right this moment, it is usually made in rural areas of Mexico; at Café Ollama in Kansas Metropolis, you will discover it served each scorching and cold-brew fashion (with an possibility so as to add salted candy foam). “The explanation for it being brewed within the olla is that the clay offers it these earthy flavors,” proprietor Lesley Reyes says. “We brew the batches recent each single morning to ensure it is the identical high quality style. Our cinnamon and piloncillo come straight from Mexico, hand-picked by us each time we go down.” Reyes and her crew draw inspiration from the flavors of their heritage, with drinks named after their kin. “Latin American nations presently produce a lot of the espresso consumed worldwide,” she says. “It is a staple for Latinos. We need to proudly showcase the bean with all of the flavors and inspirations of Latin America. We hope that folks will step out of their consolation zones to attempt one thing totally different and conventional made with love and delight.” -TC

Café Ollama, 523 Southwest Blvd., Crossroads, Kansas Metropolis, Missouri,

Turkish espresso

Turkish coffee

Pilsen Photograph Co-op

Relating to Turkish espresso, there’s lots of debate – generally even inside households – about the easiest way to organize it. At Kansas Metropolis’s Clay & Fireplace, the crew sticks to conventional strategies. Regardless of the title, common supervisor Savannah Bennett likens Turkish espresso extra to espresso due to its energy and taste. The grounds are combined with water inside a cezve (a small espresso pot often known as an ibrik) earlier than the cezve is heated in scorching sand, which Clay & Fireplace retains in a cast-iron pan, for about 10 minutes till absolutely brewed. “It has a stupendous taste. I really like the flavour of it,” Bennett says. “There’s a good little zing to it.” The restaurant serves its Turkish espresso black so visitors can finest expertise all of the nuanced flavors, however you can even ask for cream or milk on the facet. -KC

Clay & Fireplace, 815 W. seventeenth St., Westside, Kansas Metropolis, Missouri, 816.569.5533,

Ethiopian espresso

Ethiopian coffee

Pilsen Photograph Co-op

The nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea share many cultural traditions, together with one of the crucial essential culinary symbols: espresso. For these cultures, espresso is greater than only a caffeine enhance; it is an occasion. At Kansas Metropolis’s Mesob Restaurant & Rhum Bar, you may expertise a conventional Ethiopian espresso ceremony led by co-owner Mehret Tesfamariam, who hails from Eritrea. As it’s right here, Ethiopian and Eritrean espresso ceremonies are completely female-led and happen in a bunch setting, with everybody seated near the earth; it is an opportunity for associates and neighbors to go to over a number of rounds of sipping. Firstly, the host brews every espresso-size cup with freshly roasted beans after which steeps them time and again till only a trace of taste stays. No sweetener or cream is concerned; cups are served black, sturdy and steaming. At Mesob, the ceremony normally consists of 4 rounds: The primary two produce a drink with energy akin to espresso, and the energy diminishes from there whereas the dialog lives. The ceremony additionally includes a little bit of snacking; when the espresso is completed roasting, the pan is crammed with corn kernels that pop and puff up into handfuls of white popcorn to accompany the drinks. Due to the size of the ceremony, reservations have to be made at the least per week prematurely, however you may get a cup of Ethiopian espresso along with your meal at Mesob any day – ceremony not included. -JVM

Mesob Restaurant & Rhum Bar, 3601 Broadway Blvd., Kansas Metropolis, Missouri,

Vietnamese espresso

Vietnamese coffee

Pilsen Photograph Co-op

One software and one ingredient give Vietnamese iced espresso an inimitable, viscous texture and powerful, balanced taste: the filter and condensed milk. A standard Vietnamese brewing gadget, a filter is a cross between a pour over and a French press; with three layers, it slows down the brewing course of to let the grounds linger flavors and grow to be bolder. Condensed milk can also be notoriously thicker and creamier than complete milk, and its utilization first got here out of necessity. “When the French colonized Vietnam, lots of their delicacies was combined into Vietnamese [cuisine],” says Jackie Nguyen, proprietor of Café Café in Kansas Metropolis. “This fashion of brewing [with a phin filter] got here from the French, and recent milk was not obtainable throughout battle occasions, thus the introduction of condensed milk. The Vietnamese adopted this fashion and saved it.” At Café Café, you may get a style of conventional Vietnamese espresso with The Saigon, named for Nguyen’s mom’s hometown in Vietnam (now often called Ho Chi Minh Metropolis). Café Espresso additionally sources Vietnamese Robusta beans, which have a darkish, nutty taste with a touch of grapefruit – plus double the caffeine – straight from the farm. -TC

Café Espresso (situated inside Firebrand Collective), 1101 Mulberry St., West Bottoms, Kansas Metropolis, Missouri,

Greek espresso: Nescafe frappé

Greek coffee: Nescafe frappé

Brandon Alms

The creation of the Nescafe frappé was a contented accident. The origin story begins in 1957 on the Thessaloniki Worldwide Truthful in Greece, the place a consultant of Nestlé was exhibiting a brand new chocolate beverage for kids made by shaking the beverage in a hand shaker. Throughout a break, a supervisor was craving his common Nescafé Traditional scorching espresso, however he could not discover any scorching water. In a thrifty transfer, he combined the espresso with chilly water in a shaker, and the frappé was born. Right this moment, the chilly, frothy and caffeine-packed drink is a trademark of Greek out of doors cafe tradition. At Greek Stomach in Springfield, Missouri, you may order a Greek frappé made with Nescafé imported from Greece, which is much less bitter than the range offered stateside. “Take your time when consuming [our] Greek Nescafé frappé,” Greek Stomach proprietor John Tsahiridis says. “They’re sturdy. The froth has lots of caffeine, so preserve stirring. Stir, sip, get pleasure from, repeat.” You can even order the imported Greek Nescafe served scorching. –TC

Greek Stomach, 320 E. Walnut St., Springfield, Missouri, 417.597.3382,

Korean espresso: Dalgona espresso

Dalgona coffee

Sean Locke

The origins of dalgona espresso are slightly muddled – it might have originated in India or Macau, and gained severe reputation just lately in South Korea – however Tiny Chef chef-owner Melanie Meyer discovered concerning the espresso preparation similar to many people did amid the pandemic: TikTok. The drink, which shares the title “dalgona” with a Korean sweet made with sugar and baking soda, is made by whipping equal components on the spot espresso, sugar and boiling water till it reaches a thick and creamy consistency. It is then served dolloped on a chilly glass of milk of your alternative. “It is nearly like a espresso marshmallow,” Meyer says. However do not let that idiot you into pondering it is only a candy deal with – the concentrated espresso packs a severe punch. “It is extremely good, extremely wealthy and in addition extremely potent,” she says. Whereas Meyer does not serve the drink at her St. Louis restaurant – few within the space serve it in any respect – it is surprisingly easy to make at house. For one of the best texture, Meyer recommends making the dalgona whip in a stand mixer, however you can even seize a wire whisk and put together for an upper-body exercise. It will be definitely worth the effort once you take that first sip. -KC

Thai iced espresso

Thai iced coffee

Sean Locke

Iced, spiced and sweetened with condensed milk, Thai espresso has shortly gained reputation stateside. In Thailand, nevertheless, the drink is a surprisingly new custom. The nation has been centered on in contrast with quite a lot of espresso for rather less than a century, preeminent on espresso beans, a extremely caffeinated, stronger-tasting to Arabica. Chao Baan co-owner Shayn Prapaisilp Thais normally favor Oliang-style espresso, which says to iced black espresso sans condensed milk, brewed with cardamom and different spices. The chilly drink pairs effectively with the nation’s muggy local weather, and the spices add a trademark taste – one which was important throughout the Nineteen Forties when espresso was rationalized and beans had been blended with corn, soybeans, rice and sesame seeds to make the grind go additional. At his restaurant in St. Louis, Prapaisilp serves Thai espresso over ice, blended with sweetened condensed milk (a trait shared with Vietnamese espresso) together with a splash of evaporated milk – a signature Chao Baan contact. The beans hail from the restaurant’s sister retailer World Meals Market in Kirkwood, Missouri; sourced straight from Thailand, they’re offered already floor and blended with the Oliang spice combine. Prapaisilp shares that visitors are sometimes shocked once they attempt espresso at Chao Baan as a result of the main focus is normally on the regional Thai fare and conventional drinks are sometimes an afterthought. After one sip, although, Chao Baan would possibly grow to be your first thought when a Thai espresso craving calls. -JVM

Chao Baan, 4087 Chouteau Ave., The Grove, St. Louis, Missouri,

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